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HHE ACE (Anti-Corrosion Epoxy) Steel Panel Water Storage Tank
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SEKISUI GRP (Japan) Hot Water ThermaStore Tank
HHE HDG (Hot-Dipped Galvanised) Pressed Steel Sectional Tank
HHE Stainless (SS304/SS316) Steel Portable Water Storage Tank
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Water Storage Systems
SEKISUI GRP (Japan) Hot Water ThermaStore Tank
Facilitating the design of systems that effectively use thermal energy while offering exceptional workability, heat resistance, and heat retention.

 Standard Design Specifications

Item Specifications
Maximum continuous operating temperature 80°C
Insulation specifications 25mm or 50 mm thick
Normal maximun static pressure
Tank height(m) Static pressure (kPa)
1.0 7.84
1.5 12.70
2.0 17.60
2.5 22.50
3.0 27.40
Design Life 15 years
Horizontal seismac load 1.0G / 1.5G /2.0G (special design)
Wind load 60 m/s


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