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Direct Acting Ball Float Valve

LYE Heavy Duty Piston Type Float Operated Valves
Complete with copper ball (to bs 1212)
  LYE Light Duty Piston Type Float Operated Valves
Complete with copper Ball.
  • Desgined to minimise the effect of changing water water pressures.
  • Size range from 11/4" to 4" in Bronze.
  • High flow rate variation in sizes 2 1/2" to 4"
  • Smoothly controlled closure ensures a fast quiet shut off.
  • Line pressure assists closing thus reducing the length of lever required.
  • One size fo seat and one size of ball float suits any working pressure up to 14 bar or the maximum recommended.
  • Recommended for temperatures from 0-85℃.
- conventional design with integral tail and seat
- Size range from 11/4" to 2" in Bronze
- Suitable for pressures up to 14 bar (200 p.s.i)
- High and low pressures variations.
- Recommended for temperatures from 0-85°C
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Pilot Operated Float Valve


Float valve uses a sub-valve (floating ball switch) to control the main valve. When the water level elevates to the full water level set by sub-valve (floating ball switch), the sub-valve (floating ball switch) closes and the back pressure chamber inside the main valve accumulates pressure rapidly, which reversely pushes the piston valve to close.  By this mechanism, the float valve can thus control the water level.  In order to save space inside the pool and for easy maintenance, it is recommended to install the float valve outside the pool.


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